Joseph Drapell

A surprising achievement of the veteran abstractionist as he is completing his eighth decade. The 21st century woman still faces oppression, not unlike from the secret Star Chamber of the English kings (which became oppressive and corrupt, abolished in 1641). But the image of our galaxy as a different “star chamber” contributes to the positive power of these works from the last ten years. The exhibition also includes most recent paintings of 2017-18 when Drapell returned to pure abstraction again.

Also available are two catalogs: hardcover 12x12” and softcover 10x8”

OPENED: Saturday, May 12, 2018


Saturday, May 19 - 12 to 5 pm

Saturday, May 26 - 12 to 5 pm

Saturday, June 2 - 12 to 5 pm

or by appointment